Owning a business is stressful, rewarding, and demanding all rolled into one. Everywhere you turn there are decisions to be made and a lot of them deal with security. You likely want your business to be as secure as possible. You can make this happen by working with a Las Vegas business locksmith from DoorBusters Lock & Safe. Our experienced locksmith shares the following five tips to protect your business.

Install Deadbolts on All Exterior Doors

One of the best ways to protect your business, according to our business locksmith in Las Vegas, is to install deadbolts on all exterior doors. Deadbolts add an extra layer of security to your business compared to just traditional key-in-knob systems. We will be able to install a double or single cylinder deadbolt for your exterior doors based on specific situations we look for during our inspection of your business.

Rekey the Locks with the Help of a Business Locksmith in Las Vegas

A great way you can protect your business is to rekey the locks. Our Las Vegas business locksmith can perform this important task for you in a timely manner. This should be done immediately after a key has gone missing, an employee has been terminated, or you’ve experienced a break-in attempt. It only takes a matter of minutes to change the pins in all of the locks at your business and provide you with new sets of keys for you and your employees. 

Reinforce the Strike Plate

The strike plate is a vital piece of security equipment on every entry door of your business. The business locksmith in Las Vegas from DoorBusters Lock & Safe recommends reinforcing the strike plate. The strength of the strike plate is what keeps your business safe from break-ins. The best method here is to reinforce the strike plate with three-inch reinforced screws and using a heavy-duty strike plate.

Install Bump-Proof Locks

Have you ever heard of the term bumping locks? If not, it’s possible that your locks might have been bumped in a recent break-in. This is when a key is made with extra teeth, installed into a lock, and then hit to open the lock. If you work with a Las Vegas business locksmith to have bump-proof locks installed you can increase the security of your business.

Replace the Door Hinges

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The hinges on your entry doors should be replaced if you can see the hinges from the outside when the door is completely closed. If this is the case, the pin can easily be removed by a burglar in an attempt to enter your business. A business locksmith in Las Vegas can replace your hinges, install them correctly, and reinforce them with three-inch screws so they are better anchored to the doorframe. 

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The experienced Las Vegas business locksmith from DoorBustes Lock & Safe can inspect your business to ensure that all of the proper safety precautions are being taken. If not, our business locksmith in Las Vegas can rectify the problem areas for you. Call our office at (702) 996-8135 to schedule a consultation today.

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