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Best Door Closure locks Services in Las Vegas

Door closure locks are everywhere. When we enter or leave a building, whether it’s a home or a commercial premise, we do so by going through a door which will almost always have a lock on it.
Being able to lock a door to keep unwanted visitors out, and possessions inside safe to are very important! Of course, doors come in many shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of different materials too. This is why there are so many different types of locks. Making sure you get the right type of lock for your door is crucial – if you’ve got the wrong type of lock on the door, it won’t provide the right level of security for you, and in some cases can even cause safety concerns as well as security issues.

Door locks are no longer just key operated devices either. With everything from cylinder locks to digital and electronic locks, the options for securing your doors have increased, and that why you need a qualified and experienced expert who has the knowledge. Being the best Locksmith in Las Vegas, DoorBusters Lock & Safe provide the best door closer lock installation services.
We have technicians with a massive understanding of modern door closer lock for wooden doors, metal, office doors, bathrooms, and many more. From insurance approved sash and deadlocks to electronic release latches, we’ve got it covered. We even do a whole range of locks with free keying alike in our workshops!

Different Types of Door Closure Locks


Mortice Locks

This kind of door closer lock is the most common. This system of door lock incorporates the use of a key for both locking and unlocking the door.


These door locks are also called “Secondary locks.” This, again, is available in two forms, namely deadlocking night latches and standard night latches.

Multi-Point Door Locking System

As the name suggests, this kind of door locking system has more than one locking points, all of which lock at the same time simply at the turn of a key. This kind of lock is the most commonly used these days.

Cylindrical Locks

These locks are mainly installed on the doors. However, using this lock can sometimes be a little risky as they are vulnerable to a technique called lock snapping.

Closed Shackle Padlocks

This kind of door lock is way ahead of the other types of door-Locks in terms of providing safety. These locks are more difficult to attack. It is designed such that the saws and bolt cutters cannot get to the shackle easily.

Long Shackle Padlocks

This kind of door lock is more flexible. However, they can be easily disabled as the shackle part of the lock is liable to be attacked easily with the help of bolt cutters and with a saw.

Door Closure Lock Installations

At DoorBusters Lock & Safe we can proudly say that we improve the security of all of our customers so whether you are getting home insurance and need door closure lock installed on your doors as most insurers insist on it! Or if you are moving into a new business property and want to make sure that the building you are working with has adequate security. DoorBusters Lock & Safe can install many different kinds of high-security door closure locks to make sure that your property is completed protected to your satisfaction. If you wish to carry on using the exact same type of lock, we can offer you a like for like swap usually on the spot for most common lock types.

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DoorBusters Lock & Safe aim to provide a wide range of lock installations day or night. We can install any kind of door closure lock. So whatever your needs are, we are to cater to them. If you are unsure of what type of lock you need installed, our team of skilled and experienced personnel will advise and guide you in choosing the right lock. So if you are around Las Vegas, Nevada give DoorBusters Lock & Safe a call today, and we guarantee the best locksmith services.


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