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A peep-hole grants person inside the place inside the safeness of a residency or brownstone seeing outside without perfectly unlocking the door. Light reflector peep holes are in general equipped to the brim with a fish eyed lens to suffer an expender extension of sight from the inside and small size to no visualness from the outside. peep holes are increasingly valuable than you might guess, are almost inexpensive and you only must build in them once by an adept lock smith and they will last for bountiful years with minimum bruise. DoorBusters Lock & Safe locksmith will install your peep holes and leave your door looking clean and unscratched. Our adaptable personals arranges an expend line of peephole solutions and can recover or place any type of peephole on a wood or glass doors, we will ensures the assurance of you, your valuables and your family with the approximately all progressive number one quality peep-hole and lock smith products for your repose. We are based in Las Vegas NV and its environment and we are available throughout the day.

The Process of Installing Door Peepholes

You can ask us to install door peepholes (also known as “door viewers” or “spy holes”).

Here is what you can expect:

  • We perform this service by drilling a viewing aperture in a door and installing a fish-eye viewing lens to permit occupants of a room to survey the exterior.
  • If customers prefer, we can utilize “high-tech” viewing services also (or in lieu of) a door peephole by installing a CCTV system. We provide this assistance to enhance customer security. Your safety and peace of mind matters to DoorBusters Lock & Safe so give us that call.

Types of Types of Door Viewers

When most people think about door peep holes, they get the mental picture of the time old peepholes and are oblivious to the fact that there are new and better door viewers in the market today. We regularly install the old-style peepholes, but we would like to bring to your attention new and advanced door viewers. Here is a scope of the door viewers on the market today

Mini Viewers

These door viewers are suitable for doors that are no more than one and a half inches thick. It is one of the smallest options on the market today, and you will get a clear view of who is at your door or hallway.

Mini Scopes

This is the smallest door viewer in the market today in terms of size and it functions fine. Due to the nature of their build, they are best suited to apartment buildings and homes with thinner doors. They provide a clear 200-degree view.

Xtra Scopes

This door viewer is appropriate for homes and offices with doors of ordinary thickness. XtraScopes come with a fish-eye lens that ensures you get a wide-angle range of view. 

Nu Scopes

They provide a larger range of view with a 180-degree peephole.

Wide Scopes

These are generally used in commercial spaces and they meet most of the complex industrial requirements. This door viewer is made of super-durable brass and they are resistant to fire and scrapes. They are set to enable you to view the person at the door in various light conditions.


These door viewers come with a special 132-degree horizontal glass lens and it is perfect for commercial as well as domestic front doors. With these ultra-vision peepholes, you can see up to seven feet away. They are of different thickness and so you can find easily one that will match the thickness of your door.

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DoorBusters Lock & Safe aim to provide a wide range of peep hole installations day or night. We can install any kind of door closure lock.  So whatever your needs are, we are to cater to them. If you are unsure of what type of lock you need installed, our team of skilled and experienced personnel will advise and guide you in choosing the right lock. So if you are around Las Vegas, Nevada give DoorBusters Lock & Safe a call today, and we guarantee the best locksmith services.


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Peep Holes Services in Las Vegas Nevada
Best Peep Holes Services in Las Vegas Nevada
Peep Holes Services in Las Vegas
Expert Peep Holes Service in Las Vegas, NV
Peep Holes in Las Vegas Nevada
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