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Having your key break off in the lock can ruin your day if you let it. This problem can be difficult and time-consuming to solve on your own, and impossible to resolve if you don’t know how. This is where the DoorBusters Lock & Safe can help you. With one call, the issue can be resolved and you can continue with the rest of your day without missing out on anything. Our locksmiths are available anytime you need help when you are within Las Vegas, NV and will get to your location as quickly as possible. Extracting broken keys from locks is a complex process that requires experience as well as the proper tools to get the job done. When you call the DoorBusters Lock & Safe, you can rest assured that we will send a skilled professional that has everything you need to get the job done with them. Our experienced locksmiths can assist with broken key removal from vehicles of any make or model. Whether the key breaks inside the door or ignition lock, we can extract the broken piece for you.

Types of Key extraction


Car Key Extraction

If you break the key off in your car’s ignition, you may or may not be required to replace your car’s ignition cylinder. It all depends on a combination of factors. One of the most important factors is how far the pieces broke inside the lock cylinder. In case the pieces are close such that they can be removed without damaging the other parts of the ignition, it will not be necessary to replace the ignition cylinder. However, if a lot of pressure was applied when the pieces broke, this could have damaged some of the other parts of the ignition and a replacement is inevitable. A professional car locksmith will always assess the situation before recommending the best option.

Commercial Key Extraction

Closing of business as a result of Key breaking on the lock means loss and also makes you vulnerable to attacks by thieve, To avoid all that you need a qualified and experienced locksmith to ensure that your business is running within the shortest time possible. DoorBusters Lock & Safe locksmith can extract and rekey your key for your lock within the shortest time possible.

Residential Key Extraction

Keys can wear down. While they may seem sturdy, through regular use and travel, they can become cracked or warped. At times, the damage can reach its limit while you are trying to open the door to your home. If this happens, the key will break within the lock and you’ll have no way into the home..

Broken ignition Key Extraction

Have you ever experienced the shock of breaking your house key or car key? Or have you ever stuck a key in the ignition or lock, turned it, and then had it get stuck or break to pieces inside the ignition or lock? If you haven’t seen that happen, you probably didn’t even know it could happen. Most of us who have difficult keys just continue on our way, forcing them into the lock and turning them as hard as we can to make them work. But the problem is, this can only make things worse and cause significant damage to both key and lock. Rather than forcing it, contact professionals at Instant Locksmith.

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When you call, we promise to be there in the shortest time possible. We will simply perform a quick consultation in order to understand your situation and dispatch the nearest technician to you right away. We have mobile locksmith Las Vegas, NV who will save you time and money by arriving when you need them most. Each technician is trained to offer a friendly and professional service. We’ll cause minimal disruption, if any at your business premise.

Here at DoorBusters Lock & Safe, We always value customer service and from the moment your lock is installed or repaired, we work with you to ensure you never experience a similar issue again. We are always ready to help you secure your premise by offering an effective service. There are many situations where intruders will attempt to access your property by forcing the lock, breaking windows or even picking your locks. We help you to mitigate such risks by installing proper systems and advising you on how to keep safe.


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Best Key Extraction in Las Vegas Nevada
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