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Professional Key Replacement Services in Las Vegas

Door locks are designed to ensure tight security of homes, commercial premises and vehicles. But when you mistakenly break your keys or lose them, you might need to call a professional locksmith for help. An experienced locksmith in town can help remove broken key from door lock, repair the lock if damaged and provide key replacement service. That means your door lock will be restored immediately and can enjoy access to your house, business premises or car. DoorBusters Lock & Safe offer the best key replacement services in Las Vegas, NV. We understand most of the key services are emergency and that is why we offer our services for 24 hours a day.

Reason for Key Replacement


Lost or Stolen Keys

You do not know who has keys to your house. You went on vacation and gave the house sitter a key. You had some work done at your house and gave the contractor a key. Then your kid loses their key copy at school. Too many people have had access to your home and keys, and if they still have a copy, they could enter at any time. It’s a scary thought, but it is an easy fix.

Your employee quit and refuses to give back their keys

Business owners and store managers are quite familiar with this scenario. An employee quits or is fired and refuses to give back company property, including the keys. Even if a disgruntled employee gives back their copy of the key, the truth is they may have secretly made a copy with a plan to come back in the future when you least suspect it. Don’t give them the opportunity

A tenant or roommate moved out

If you are a landlord or property manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your tenants. You do not know to whom your old tenant gave keys. If you do not have a locksmith rekey the locks at the property each time an old tenant moves out, you are leaving the innocent new tenant and their family at risk.

For people with roommates, the same goes for you. You may have known the person well, but in the event of a move-out, it is necessary to have your locks rekeyed. As a locksmith, I have heard many stories about the roommate who keeps coming back, saying they “forgot something.” Or, items had been disappearing, but there was no sign of forced entry.

You purchased a new home.

Congratulations! When you buy a new house, there is that wonderful moment in time during closing when you receive the new keys. But, to whom did the previous owners give copies of those keys? There is no way to accurately trace the history of every key, even for the most conscientious of us. Call a locksmith and have them take care of that for you. Rekeying is also a great housewarming present (hint). Give the gift of security!

Home and Residential Locksmith Services

DoorBusters Lock & Safe professional locksmiths specialize in installing and repairing different types, brands and models of locks. An experienced locksmith can remove broken key from door lock and provide lock re-keying immediately. Security experts from locksmith companies can also help you upgrade your home security by providing an elaborate key control and management.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Some of the commercial lock and key services we provide here at DoorBusters Lock & Safe include commercial rekeying, commercial lock repair and installation and lock hardware. You can also key duplication services at a minimal cost from these lock experts

Are DoorBusters Lock & Safe Locksmith Services Expensive?

The amount you’ll pay for our services will depend on the nature and extent of damage. For instance, removing a broken key from a car’s door lock and replacing it will cost more compared to simply making a replacement for lost car keys. Transponder key reprogramming might also cost more that laser cut car key replacements because of the huge task involved in coding. But all the same, we understand these are emergency service and most of the time you are not prepared for such instance. Here at DoorBusters Lock & Safe we offer discounted rates to ensure they do not incur lots of expenses.


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Professional Key Replacement Services In Las Vegas, NV
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Professional Key Replacement  In Las Vegas, NV
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