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Most of the home builders concentrating on equipping their doors with the most modern and secure lock systems and forget all about the windows, but what they don’t know is that most of the thieve break into the house through the windows more than the doors. This is because most of the business and homeowner do not value window locks and install cheap and unsecure locks. Here at DoorBusters Lock & Safe, we understand security is the topmost priority for the people of Las Vegas, Nev and that why we advise our clients on using the most modern and secure window lock to keep that thieve or unauthorized person out of your property.

In some cases, home or business owner may have bought the best locks in the market, but still, they are vulnerable to break-in, and it’s all because they were poorly installed. Technology is advancing every day, and not all locksmith are updated with the changes and that why they end up spoiling the window lock when installing or faulty installation. We have a team of a well trained and experienced locksmith who will ensure that they install your window locks perfectly. They understand the challenges that come with new lock due to advancement of technology and that why they go an extra mile to attend regular seminars and workshop to ensure that they are up to date with the latest window lock technology in the market. Our team of locksmiths are available 24 hours a day and therefore, in case of emergency, do not hesitate to give us a call, and we will ensure that your window lock is installed or repaired.

Types of window locks

There are different types of window locks, depending on the size and purpose of the window.

Keyed Locks

If you’re looking to buy an additional lock for your windows, try a keyed lock. They’re often paired with single hung windows, double-hung windows, and sliding windows.

They’re installed on the side of your window and secure it to the frame. Keyed locks, as the name implies, can only be locked and unlocked using a key. It’s important that you know where the key is otherwise you won’t be able to open your window ever again.

Child Safety Latches

Child safety latches allow your window to open to a certain degree. Double-hung and sliding windows often have two sets of child safety latches found at 3 and 5 inches. You’ll be able to circulate air in your home while preventing anyone from getting into your home.

The reason they’re known as child safety latches is that they’re made more to keep children in your home than intruders out. If your children are playing near an open window, they’re in danger of falling out. Child safety latches alleviate the problem by preventing your windows from opening too far. Your kids are safe, and you can enjoy a cool breeze.

Window Latch

Window latches are the most common type of window lock. They’re found on most single and double-hung windows when they’re installed. Window latches are simple locks that should be reinforced by other locks to help fortify your window.

They’re found on the top of a window sash to secure the two sashes together when they’re both closed. When the lock is unlocked, you’re able to operate both sashes (if it’s a double-hung window).

Hinged Wedge Locks

The great thing about hinged wedge locks is that they give you control over how much if at all, your windows open. Like the child safety latches, they’re beneficial to families with small children who have play areas around an operable window.

Hinged wedge locks can be pushed inward toward the window allowing it to slide open completely. The more it’s pulled away from the window, the less it will open. You have complete control over air circulation and safety of your windows.

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You may have the best and most secure window lock, but if they are poorly installed, you are still vulnerable to thieve and unauthorized personnel. DoorBusters Lock & Safe, understand your concern and that why we have the best window lock installers in Las Vegas, Nevada. So give us a call any time of the day, and we promise we will offer you the best service. So what are you waiting for? Give us that call.



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Best Window Lock Services in Las Vegas
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