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Best Lock Re-keying Service In Las Vegas

Are your door locks not working properly? Have you lost the keys to your house or office? Have you just moved in to a certain place and wanted to make sure your property is safe from intruders? Worry no more, there is a faster and affordable solution to that.

Rather than installing new locks, you can do a lock rekeying to save a lot of money. This process is much faster as the locksmith will only change the position of the pins in its internal lock mechanism. Once it is done, they will cut a new key and the old ones will not work anymore.

Why do you need to rekey the locks?

It is recommended to rekey the locks when you have just moved into a new property whether it is a house, apartment, or office. Oftentimes, contractors, developers, real estate agents and even cleaning staff have their own copy of your key. This is why such service is very essential to limit the access of your property to few individuals.

Another thing, lock rekeying is also useful in case the original copies of your keys are lost or stolen. Potential intruders will have no chance of breaking in because the keys will not be useful again. This can bring a sense of security and a peace of mind to the entire household or the property owners because the locks and keys are made new.

Home Lock Re-keying Services

DoorBusters Lock & Safe offers a wide range of locksmith services including lock re-keying. Our team is made up of trained locksmith professionals who have years of experience in this field. They will give you advice on how to secure your home especially when your tenant or roommate has moved out and took the keys with them. Lock rekeying is often the best option when you know that you cannot get the keys from them.

Aside from that, if you have not changed you door locks for more than five years, we highly recommend to let our locksmiths examine them. Your locks might need cleaning, upgrading, or rekeying to keep the household secured. Our professional locksmiths will ensure that you get the best advice so you can have new set of locks and keys.

Commercial Office Lock Re-Keying

When it comes to commercial offices, employers have to be wary that a lot of people have access to any place even those restricted areas. No matter how much security measures are in place, there is always someone who will break the protocol. For this reason, lock rekeying is the best option. Employers can limit the number of people who can access the office from time to time. Even if those trusted people are out from work, there is nothing to worry about because new locks are in place and new keys are made.

Automotive Lock Re-keying

It is also possible for most car locks to be re-keyed. Not everyone may not know this given the fact that replacing car door locks is a complex process and expensive. However, lock rekeying is a cost effective option in case you lost your keys and you want your vehicle to be secured. Our skilled locksmiths are well capable of doing this kind of service and they will remove the cylinder of your trunk locks, car door locks, or even ignition so that your old keys will not work anymore.

Your Trusted Locksmith Company in Las Vegas

Finding a trusted locksmith can be challenging, but we can assure our clients that are people are reliable and highly skilled. With our years of experience in this industry, we have created a long list of satisfied individuals who have kept their properties secured from intruders. Our company is available 24/7 and we keep our promise of delivering efficient and effective services at a reasonable price. At any place in Las Vegas, you can be assured that our locksmiths will arrive in less than 30 minutes to provide locksmith solutions for your valuable home, office, or vehicle.

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Lock re-keying is not a simple locksmith process. At DoorBusters Lock & Safe, we keep it safe and efficient at all times. Give us a call or ask us for a quotation. We will gladly answer any queries and be of service to you.


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