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Struggling to Open Your Secure Safe?

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Struggling to Open Your Secure Safe?

Mar 10, 2023

Locksmith services are essential, especially when you are in a bind and can’t seem to get your safe open. Whether you keep a gun safe at home or have a commercial safe at your business, it’s always a good idea to have experienced locksmiths on retainer in case you run into any safe cracking trouble.

Here at DoorBusters Lock & Safe, we understand how frustrating it can be to be locked out of your safe. We also know that time is essential when it comes to getting into it. As a licensed, accredited, and full-service locksmith serving the Las Vegas area, we guarantee that our safe openers will get you into your safe as soon as you need them. 

Learn more about safes and how our safe-cracking services can help you with yours.

What Types of Safes Are Out There?

Homeowners and business owners get safes for different reasons. Likewise, different types of safes exist to meet various needs. The most common safe types that highly trained locksmiths can open include:

Jewelry Safe

One of the most popular types of safes out there is the jewelry safe. As its name suggests, this safe protects your valuable jewelry. Manufacturers keep jewelry in mind when making these safes. So, you can expect them to have a design and compartments for different jewelry types.

Being made specifically for jewelry, these safes also ensure that your favorite pieces maintain their condition. There will be enough space to avoid jewelry getting tangled, dented, or scratched. The best jewelry safes are also water, fire, and burglary-proof should your house or business experience any of these emergencies.

Residential and commercial clients in Las Vegas, NV, often ask for safe opening services for these types of safes. If you lose the master keys to your jewelry safe or forget your code, get in touch with trusted locksmiths to open it without worrying about losing anything.

Gun Safe

Another safe type that is common in both homes and workplaces in the Las Vegas area is the gun safe. Since you can openly carry a legal firearm down the Las Vegas strip or anywhere in Nevada, you can expect a lot of locals to be gun owners and to have some special storage.

While Massachusetts is the only state that requires gun owners to have these safes, they’re still beneficial. They protect your firearms from children to avoid accidents and help prevent intruders from stealing your guns to use them for criminal activity.

Residential and commercial locksmith services will be essential for owners of these safes since weapons are involved. Accordingly, get a professional locksmith in Las Vegas, NV, to help with any gun-safe trouble you encounter.

Fire Safe

Fire safes are multipurpose safes with fireproof features. These are ideal safes for homeowners with valuable documents and business owners with sensitive paperwork. If you keep a fire safe in your place, you help reduce the risk of losing critical contracts to fires.

Home fires can happen to anyone in Las Vegas, NV. These disasters can destroy your belongings and invite burglars to ransack what’s left of your house. A fire safe can help prevent this by keeping your belongings safe and dry.

While these safe designs can withstand high temperatures, they are not entirely safe from being burglarized. If you lose the keys or combination to your fire safe, residential locksmith services can help.

Wall Safe

A safe does not always have to be big and bulky. As a homeowner who prefers small and reliable safes, you may opt for a wall safe. These safes are placed directly on your walls to keep any valuables or documents inside and conceal the safe behind a painting or tall shelf.

Commercial entities may also have this type of safe in their establishment. In particular, banks have large wall safes that seem like their own rooms, like the walk-in safes you see in movies.

Losing a combination or a key to a wall safe can be challenging. You might find yourself wanting to destroy the wall to get inside. Consider hiring the best locksmith services Las Vegas, Nevada, offers instead of destroying your property.

Drop Safe

A drop safe is where you drop what you want to keep safe into a secure compartment. These safes are valuable in fast-paced commercial environments where you must quickly put something away without fumbling with a lock.

You might see drop safes in business establishments like casinos and convenience stores. These safes usually have unique security systems, notably a time-delay feature, so you can get away before the safe automatically locks.

If these systems fail or you lose access to these safes, lockout services will be necessary to get what you dropped into the drop safes. Consider emergency locksmith services in Las Vegas, NV, to resolve your dilemma.

Why Would a Person Need a Safe?

People need safes for a variety of reasons. Essentially, safes provide an extra layer of security for your belongings and come in handy during unexpected disasters like fires. 

Since you tend to keep valuable objects in your safe, you must ensure that emergency lockout services are just a phone call away when you struggle with opening them.

What is Stored in a Safe?

As a homeowner, you might store emergency money, spare house keys or car keys, deeds, jewelry, and anything else of value in a safe. Meanwhile, local businesses may also have essential documents they must protect, such as titles and contracts.

If you travel often, you may have noticed some hotels have safes in their rooms. These come in handy when you want to leave your essential items in the hotel room, such as passports, cameras, or phones, while you go elsewhere.

What Types of Locks Are Available?

Safes need locks to function as intended, keeping your belongings safe and secure. You might find keyed locks on safes or high-security locks for extra protection.

Accordingly, you can count on the best locksmiths in the locksmith industry to understand how these systems work and ensure you have access whenever you are locked out. Here is a closer look at different lock types.

High-Security Locks

These locks are high-tech and can utilize digital keypads as keyless entry systems. You would essentially enter a passcode to open the safe. You can also find safes with fingerprint scanners. You can open it if you have the passcode or your fingerprint is registered in the safe.

However, you might be in trouble if you forget the passcode or if your locks do not recognize your fingerprint. This is when you’d need to call a local locksmith service to fix your problem.

Traditional Locks

These physical locks need keys to unlock. A lot of safes have this type of lock system. They are just as reliable as modern digital locks, and you don’t have to worry about data corruption because they only need a key.

However, the fact that they only need a key can also be a problem. For instance, you could lose the key, requiring you to call your local locksmith for a rekey service. Similarly, you could damage the lock, which will need a lock change.

How Can You Get Help Opening the Locked Safe?

If you are struggling to open your safe, you will need a full-service licensed locksmith Las Vegas residents and commercial entities can count on. The professional you contact must be a residential and commercial locksmith, available 24/7.

You can never predict when your safe will malfunction, making emergency locksmith services necessary. Likewise, you never know which safe or lock will fail. Thus, the help you get must excel at all security and locksmith service types.

If you face any dilemma with your safe, whether a problem with the safe lock or you need a new key, be sure to call on a professional service. At all times, locksmith Las Vegas services should be ready to help with your locked safe.

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