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The Secret to Cracking the Code: A Locksmith’s Guide to Safes

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The Secret to Cracking the Code: A Locksmith’s Guide to Safes

Mar 10, 2023

Safety is one of the most critical factors in our lives, so many of you may be familiar with the concept of a safe. A safe is one of the most effective ways to protect valuables in your home, office, or anywhere you have essential items. A secured box protects your valuables from theft, fire, flood, and other damage. A safe is designed to be top-level security and extra durable, which is why you can be sure that a safe won’t be damaged by fire or other means and will keep everything inside secure. Notably, a safe has a locking mechanism that allows you to set a combination that only you can keep for extra safety.

A safe protects your valuable belongings from disasters, damages, and other people. However, what happens if you can’t open your safe? What happens if you accidentally forget your safe’s combination? What happens if you misplace the keys? This is where a professional locksmith comes in. Locksmiths have existed ever since locks were first created. When we lose our keys, they make replacement keys for us; if we are locked out, they assist us in getting back into our homes and cars, and most importantly, they can open safes for us if we cannot do so ourselves. To give you a better idea, this article will guide how locksmiths crack the safe lock on safes.

Some Reasons Why the Combination Safe is Not Opening

To better understand how a locksmith opens safes, it’s best to start with why they are needed and why a locked safe can’t be opened. Finding the issue is the first step in opening a safe. Here are some possible reasons why the safe is not opening.

Forgotten Safe Combination Locks

Forgetting the combination locks is one of the most frequent causes of a safe, not opening. Without the correct combination, no matter how hard you try, a safe won’t open. Many manufacturers created advanced safes with added security; even if you have the override key, you can’t open it without the right combination safe code.

Combination Safe Malfunction

If you are confident that the safe combination you are using is correct, but the safe door still won’t open, there may be a problem with the safe itself. The most common problem is a malfunctioning lever or hinges rather than the lock mechanism. The quality of a safe can vary depending on where you purchased it. Even though it is designed to protect, a safe may occasionally malfunction or break over time.

Combination Safe Dial Problem

Another common reason a safe is not opening is a problem with the combination safe dial. Common problems are that a combination safe dial is loose or not fully rotating. If the combination safe dial is loose, it will not detect the safe open number codes or trigger the locking mechanism. If the combination safe dial stops rotating, you won’t have the option to continue unlocking the safe lock.

How a Locksmith Can Unlock a Safe Combination

Even though it might seem impossible to force a safe open without a key or a code, locksmiths have knowledge, experience, and a few tools at their disposal that they can use to diagnose the issue, open the safe and even repair it if it’s broken. If it’s beyond repair, at the very least, a trusted locksmith can provide access to the safe so the owner can retrieve the valuable items in the locked safe.

Using a Paperclip to Open a Safe

One of the traditional methods of opening a safe without using the combination is using a paperclip, which is frequently demonstrated in movies. Most safes have a manual override keyhole, which is a small hole that can be found on the back or front of the safe.

If you’ve lost your manual override keys and your passcode, a locksmith may try using a paperclip as keys. They’ll insert the paperclip into the keyhole and navigate inside until they hit the right spot and hear a clicking sound. The clicking sound is an indication that the unlocking is successful. The safe should then be accessible to the locksmith after turning the lock. This option is feasible but necessitates a lot of time and persistence.

Using a Magnet to Open a Combination Safe

Depending on your safe type, a rare earth magnet is another tool that a locksmith can use to open a safe. Modern electronic safes utilize solenoids to control the locking mechanism. With the help of a neodymium magnet, a powerful rare earth magnet, a locksmith can reset the solenoids and unlock the safe. Considering their strength, rare earth magnets need to be used with extra caution; without proper knowledge, they can destroy other technology and even hurt someone if not appropriately controlled. However, locksmiths understand the use of these magnets well.

A locksmith will fasten it to the top left corner of the safe by encasing it in a sock. They will slowly move it to the right side of the safe and keep moving until they have located the solenoid. Once the solenoid is in contact with the magnet, the magnet’s force will trigger the locking mechanism to reset. The safe will then be opened since the lock is reset. This method requires patience since it is difficult to navigate until the magnet makes contact with the solenoid.

Retrieve the Combination for Dial

Many manufacturers offer ways to retrieve the combination code in case you forget it. The safe’s side or back panel is typically where the serial number can be found. You can get in touch with the manufacturer, and there’s a good chance they’ll be able to retrieve the original combination for you. If not, the locksmith can use the safe’s serial number to get the original combination. The safe combination can then be set to any number you choose. The locksmith can install an electronic safe lock in place of the safe’s dial if you prefer.

Electronic Combination Safe Override

If the safe you own has an electronic door lock, a locksmith can override the combination code to open the safe. Most manufacturers include a master override code with the safe’s serial number or the serial number of the electronic safe lock itself. A locksmith has the skills and knowledge necessary to work on overriding the combination of the safe. The electronic lock will be reset when the override code is retrieved and entered, allowing the standard combination to operate.

Cutting and Drilling

If your safe is too difficult to open using overriding combinations or manual opening, cutting or drilling will be your last option to gain access to the valuables trapped inside. Although it is uncommon for professional locksmiths to use this method, drilling or cutting a locked safe open is possible.

  • Cutting: Locksmiths can cut a safe open with the proper equipment and expertise. Safes can only be cut open with a saw or a torch. However, the strength and durability of the safe’s material will determine how challenging this process will be. Even though this process is complex and typically noisy and messy, a professional locksmith will make every effort to grant you access to your valuable items.
  • Drilling: The safe can be drilled with a very small hole so the locksmith can pass a small tool or scope inside and see how to open the lock. This is frequently the preferred method due to the relative speed of the process and the minimal repairs required to make the safe usable. However, many manufacturers now feature safes with security technology inside, which can make the job challenging.

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